Various venues, London, England 1994-2000

Abundant was a Christian-run nightclub organisation, bringing together creative people from many kinds of church across southern England. The social network forged by Abundant links many of the people involved in the English emerging church. Abundant was most closely connected to Grace [organiser/DJ Steve Baker being Jonny Baker's brother] and Vaux [which was created by some of the core members of Abundant]. Designer Nic Hughes created many of the graphic materials for both Abundant and Vaux, and the Grace logo.

Abundant ran monthly club nights [for a while twice-monthly], surf trips and snowboarding holidays, and an occasional seminar series looking at contemporary culture. For many years from the mid-90s they were involved in running the club venues at Greenbelt festival.

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Abundant flyers 1995-1997Abundant flyers 1998-1999Abundant zinesAbundant merchandiseAbundant musicAbundant surf weekend 26-28 June 1998Abundant New Year's Eve party 1998