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Epicentre | Arts Café | Greenbelt 1998

At Greenbelt 1998 Epicentre created and hosted a venue with a full programme of art, seminars, cabarets, meditations, and alternative worship. The success of the Arts Cafe inspired the creation of New Forms 1 and 2 as dedicated alt worship venues at future Greenbelts.

Café tables and food service in one half of the tent. The other half (previous photo) with a stage and clear space. On the walls, artworks by members of Epicentre and friends. Note 'Cuddly Cross' in orange teddy bear fur, by Michael Radcliffe.

Tim Longman, Helen Hayes, Clara Swinson.

The alt worship gathering. Alt worship participants and interested parties get together to compare notes and encourage one another. Ian Mobsby, standing centre, talks to Nic Hughes on the ground. Suzie Hughes and Gary Collins in front of them.

Same scene, different angle. Artist Clayton Sinclair smiles at the camera. Jonny Baker in the distant doorway.


Alt worship panel discussion. From left, Jonny Baker, Phil ? (youth worker from Manchester), Clara Swinson, Ian Mobsby, Gary Collins, Nick Mercer, Kevin Draper, Ana Draper.

Late night musical mayhem. The backdrop is made of inflatable chairs.

Epicentre worship.

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