St. Mark's Church, Battersea Rise, London, England 1993-2002

For nine years the Epicentre Network were one of Britain's most significant and creative alternative worship groups. As well as regular worship services and homegroups, they ran a vibrant internet discussion board, held monthly film nights, and published a small magazine. Since many members of Epicentre were trained fine artists they held art shows in local cafes and bars. In 1998 they hosted an Arts Cafe at Greenbelt Festival [see pictures below], and in 2000 they helped create the St. Paul's Cathedral Labyrinth [see Labyrinth section of site]. When Epicentre closed in October 2002 many former members moved on to form a new group called Moot at St. Matthew's, Great Peter Street, Westminster.

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Greenbelt 1998 Epicentre Arts Cafeepicentre may 1999epicentre september 2000Greenbelt 2001 Bring out your dead