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Grace | Communion - what's it all about? | 10-1998

Grace archive page for this service

This was Grace's first experiment with Holy Communion, and first cafe-format service. We filled the available space between the pews and the screen with chairs and tables.

We served a meal and discussed our experiences of Holy Communion. The Communion was served as the third course of the meal. We have continued to develop both cafe format and communion meal as regular features of Grace.

Passing round bread and wine.

Prayers with incense dropped onto a small barbecue. Note the fire extinguisher beside the altar!

Final song.

We found these 1950s and 60s melamine cups and saucers in a box in the church kitchen, and used them for the service. There were something like 30 or 40 in various colours. We intended to make them a regular feature of our own cafe, but a couple of months later the church threw them out! We were outraged, because a] we wanted them and b] they had value even then (before eBay!). But to the older members of the church they were just 'old rubbish'.

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