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Grace | Create | 10-2005

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We set up various stations around the church, and simply invited the congregation to get creative! The photos were shot on a mobile phone - I must have forgotten my proper camera. Phones were only just starting to have cameras in.

Type something!

Luminous stars and spaceships

People were encouraged to have a go, work alone or in groups, leave things unfinished or only do part of a creation.

Punk liturgies by collage. 'God - She dominated my life. She politicised me. I had to admire her. I couldn't resist her. Our 17 year silence. I sang about her. [in very tiny letters] not Catherine Deneuve'

Lego - making things just because!




All creations were hung on camo netting to create a space that people could wander in and sit under.


All the hanging creations were kept to reappear in the next service.


We finished with a eucharist.



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