Grace | The Emmaus Road | April 2002

The worship space is in the distance beyond the cafe. People can visit the stations in the worship space when they want to. There are six stations; 'The hiddenness of God' [Lk 24:13-16] & 'Burning hearts + telling others' [Lk 24:32-35] are not pictured here.

Above: the worship space.

Right: 'Downcast' [Lk 24: 17-18] Taste the bitter herbs. 'Storytelling' [Lk 24: 19-27] is in the background. Add your story of encounter with God to the station.

Above: 'Welcoming the stranger' [Lk 24: 28-29].

Left: 'Jesus' blood never failed me yet' by Gavin Briers plays on the headphones.

Above: The painting by Carravagio is of the moment when Christ breaks the bread and is recognised.
Left: 'Breaking bread' [Lk 24: 30-31].

Above: Tomas Wysota [Poland] and Tim Westcott [Portland, Oregon] provided the ambient electronica.
Right: Napkin the lamb watches the video.

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