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Grace | Engage | 09-2005

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The first of three services exploring Grace's new ethos statement: Engage (outward involvements), Create, Participate (inward involvements). The fourth word Risk didn't have its own service - it is part of all the other things. Note the concrete slabs from Moments of Grace and Stations of the Cross.

Without explanation, I walk on and smash the Grace mirror with the sledgehammer. The PPE looks dramatic but the gloves and eye protection at least are necessary in case of flying glass.

The image of Grace is broken. What next?

Now the congregation are invited to consider comforts that they want to move on from, or something dear that needs to be let go of. This could be personal or about Grace. They write it on a plate and smash it with a hammer on the concrete slabs.




The congregation are also asked to wear eye protection while breaking the plates.


Now that everything is broken, how do we reconstruct?

Jonny talks about how we intend to reshape Grace, letting go of some of the ways we have done things. He invites/challenges the congregation to consider their part in the reshaping.

'I wonder what could be made of the broken pieces?'

We invite people to put one or more broken pieces in a bag to take away, with a sheet inviting them to think about where they might engage.

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