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Grace | Enough | 10-2013

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Experiments with toast. We have done this on a couple of occasions. Photo © Jonny Baker.

The cut out parts can also be used. Photo © Jonny Baker.

A service from 1 Kings 17 7-16 (Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath): When you think you have nothing left to give, give it anyway.

Take a pinch of flour and feel it between your fingers. Think: ‘This is all I have left’. Think for a moment… what are those last, last, reserves you’ve got to offer to God? Then drop the flour in the bowl. In your head, tell God “This is all I’ve got left. And it’s all yours, God”

Then go to one of the bowls with perfumed oil. Find someone to do this with: dip your finger into the bowl and cross the other person gently on the forehead. Remind them of God’s words “My grace is enough for you” as you do it.


The word ENOUGH is spelled out in nightlights. We were invited to come and pray in response to what we had heard: - pray to let go of our own and Grace’s importance and that God will be at work in others' communities - pray for those we know who are elsewhere - pray for Grace as we seek God together into the future.

In the background there was also chocolate and a prayer.

The word 'enough' could easily be rearranged into the word 'choose'...

Choose enough.

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