Grace | Icons | January 2002

'Icons' January 2002, led by Simon Jenkins.
The congregation stand to pray before the icons as is traditional in the Orthodox Church.

Jesus is normally depicted in icons as 'Pantocrator', meaning Almighty. The elements of this icon type are more visible in the 1930s version.

The Virgin of Vladimir, c.1125. Christ embraces his mother.

An icon of the dead Christ, crammed in and slipping down the picture space as if it were an up-ended coffin. Used in processions on Easter Saturday.

A version of Christ Pantocrator from the 1930s. On either side are the letters IC XC, meaning Jesus Christ. His left hand holds a Gospel book. His right hand blesses the viewer with fingers making the letters XC.

Writing prayer requests below each icon. At the end of the service each list was prayed before its icon.

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