Grace | Who Do You Think You Are? | Greenbelt 2002

'Who do you think you are?', Greenbelt 2002. A service about identity, in three sections: the identity we give ourselves, the identities we give other people, and the identities we receive from God. Above: Justin comperes the uniqueness game - if you can't find something unique to say about yourself, the rest of your group sit on you!

From the camouflage net hang 350 luggage labels. On each is a word you might have been called, or called someone else. Around the room are four columns labelled 'something good you thought about someone else', 'something good you thought about you', 'something bad you thought about someone else', 'something bad you thought about you'.

These two photos by Daniel Miller.

So now go and find labels in those categories...

...and tie them to the netting on the appropriate column.

In the centre of the room are logs, kindling sticks and sandpaper.

Get a stick and some sandpaper.

As you sand, think about what God removes from your life to shape you into the person he wants you to be.

The luggage labels on the net had words we use to label one another. The luggage labels in the suitcase have quotations from the Bible that are God's loving labels for us to take away.

It wouldn't be Grace without Jesus and a Mac.

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