Grace | Waiting | November 2001

'Waiting': a service for Advent
The waiting room: people were given numbered tickets on arrival and could not enter the main space until their number was called. While waiting they filled in a questionnaire about waiting.

Above: Waiting to die:
'One thing is certain, we are all going to die. So the question is, how are we going to wait?'

Left: The main space.

In memory of September 11th.

Right: On each dead leaf is written, 'Winter's coming, but Spring will follow...'

Waiting on God: space to relax and pray.

Above: Waiting to hatch: the eggs have 'hope' written on them.

Left: Waiting in hope: planting a crocus bulb for the Spring.

To wait or to act?
Do we wait for God to resolve situations when we should be acting ourselves? Consider whether there are things you should do in the next week, month or year. Write yourself a letter and make a commitment to act. Put it in a post-out tray and Grace will post it to you in a week, month or year.

Above & left: Advent: waiting for Christ to come.

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