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Host [Bradford] | Celtic-Urban | 14th July 2002

Photographs © Adrian Riley

To enter the worship space the congregation had to pass through curtains, onto which were projected a traditional celtic prayer - the starting point for the worship. The worship ended with the opportunity to write your own 'celtic-urban' prayer.

A cross shape is laid out on the floor with a station at each point and one in the middle. The stations include: God - in the middle, revisited each time you're en route to a different station, a chance to re-focus on the Creator; Work - a desk, paper and pen to work out the hours you'd worked that week, the money you'd earned and the outcome of your labour; People - coffee beans could be collected from the God station, then ground and used to make an espresso. Next to the espresso machine was a 'family tree' beginning with you and your cup of coffee - this documented all the people involved in bringing you that cup of coffee. You were invited to add at least five people to the tree;

The Nature station featured a bowl of water, a pile of sand, plants and grass in pots and a slide image taken in South Africa by one of the HOST team. This station explored our distance from nature and our abuse/ignorance of nature, and provided an opportunity to re-connect with creation. You were invited to collect a candle and light it at the God station, then float it on the water as a prayer. You could also leave a handprint in the sand as recognition of the impact we each leave behind.

The Media station questioned how we receive and perceive news. Articles torn from newspapers and printed from the internet formed a backdrop to TV news footage - all documenting the same news story. An accompanying sheet questioned the nature of 'truth' in society and offered a ritual before leaving the station.

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