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Ikon | The God Delusion | Greenbelt 2007

Something like 1500 people came to this event.

Is the puppet our own idea of God, that we control?

Throughout the service, threads of wool are pulled out and snipped off the tall woman's dress.

Unravelling [of faith, of knowledge] is a key theme.

"Where does your faith lie?" A series of statements "My faith lies in..." with ambiguity in the meaning of the word 'lie'.

Behind the puppeteer, a woman knits. 18th century images suggest the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

While John [left] taps out a rhythm, Padraig [right] speaks poetry.



The knitting trails across the floor of the arena.


The assembled cast, in costume. Les Miserables, or 'Pete Rollins presents his latest knitwear collection in Paris' ;)

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