Kubik | Aus dem Garten in die Stadt | 18th February 2005

Hanging out in the cafe before the service starts.

Everyone has been given pink earplugs. These will be used during a meditation.

Introductions, prayers and meditations. The theme of the evening is, that as God walked with humanity in the Garden before the Fall, so he still walks with us in the city.

This fruit brings the taste of the Garden into the city.

We see ourselves through the lenses of culture, society and sin. God sees us differently. The hanging cards have quotations from the Bible telling how God sees us. A video camera shows us ourselves on the TV as we look at the hanging cards. There are also small circular mirrors.

What is important? On the cards are tiny words which can only be read through the magnifying glass, things in our lives which seem important like possessions, love, work etc. God is also there somewhere.

Write on the wall what is really important in your life before God, what needs to be given greater priority.

A reporter from a local radio station was there to observe and interview.

The leaves are made of adhesive-backed felt. Take one and stick it somewhere you can see it in your everyday life, as a reminder that the God of the Garden is with you in the city.

There are other distractions in the cafe.

Only the pineapple is left the next day.

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