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Labyrinth | King's College Chapel, Cambridge | 28th January - 2nd February 2002

See the Labyrinth website for details of the stations and liturgy.

Participants carry music players and listen to the music and meditations on headphones as they walk the labyrinth.

King's College Chapel, Cambridge was one of the stops on the 'cathedral tour'. Above, the labyrinth set up in the antechapel. Photo © the YfC Labyrinth Tour team

Photo © the YfC Labyrinth Tour team

A special privilege - the labyrinth at night for a small group. We were locked in and the chapel was ours for a few hours.

L-R: 'Letting go' (bucket), 'Self' (mirror), 'Noise' (TVs), 'Holy space' (cushions), 'Others' (laptop), 'Distractions' (map) and 'Hurts' (bin).

The TVs of 'Noise' and the mirror of 'Self'.

Sitting round the candle in 'Holy space'.

Carrying CD players and listening on headphones.

Lying on the labyrinth gazing at the famous fan vault. It was January but the chapel has underfloor heating so my back was blissfully warm and I lay there for a while. One of my life's special moments.

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