Labyrinth | St. Paul's Cathedral, London | 6th-10th March 2000

The central space is a place of prayer, with candle, bread and wine. Above it are 'Letting Go' with pebbles and water, and 'Planet' with video and seed-planting. On the right is the mirror of 'Self'. The visitors' book is upper left. The CD track numbers are marked on the floor to aid the walkers. Gordon Giles

Right: 'Noise' is about quietening down. The video is of an oscilloscope line.

The yellow bucket and pebbles belong to 'Letting Go'.
Imagine the stone contains your cares and worries. Drop it into the water to symbolise letting them go into the lap of God.

General view across labyrinth

'Hurts' in the foreground with tables and dustbin.
Write or draw your hurts, put them in the bin and journey on.
Behind is 'Distractions'.

Right: 'Distractions' features a map with compass and magnets. The sleeping bag, boots and kettle are scene-setting!

The sandpit in the foreground is 'Impressions'
Make a footprint and wonder "what will be left of us when we've left?"

Left: 'Others' featuring the 'Sanctuary' page from the Embody website.
Click to light a prayer candle!

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