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Sanctuary | Arable Parable | Greenbelt 2002

An interactive installation based on the parable of the sower.

The path.

The rocks.

The thorns.

The good soil.

Write about the places in your heart that are hard towards God. Tuck the folded paper into a crack in the path.

What tests your faith: teasing, partners who mock or friends who poke fun at your scruples? With charcoal write a word, or words on a stone, about those things that test you. Then place the stone on the ground and walk away. In doing so you bring these things to God and leave them with Him.

Were you seduced by the bright lights and money?. Has consumerism taken over your life, have you sold out to marketing hype? Do worries or guilt choke your relationship with God? Why not give your concerns to Him by washing your hands and saying this prayer...

The good soil. On a nearby table, take a pot and plant a seed, then take it away to nurture and grow.

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