Sanctuary | Come Home | Greenbelt 2001

The 'Coming Home' service from Greenbelt 2000 reworked as a pure installation.

The dining room

The parable of the banquet: Luke 14:16-24

Clean and unclean: Acts 10:11-15

A story quoted by Mike Riddell in 'alt.spirit@metro.m3'

The wedding at Cana: John 2:10

The Last Supper: Matthew 26:27-28

The bedroom:
visitors write confessions on the back of patches and add them to the quilt.

The joy and grief of sex

The bedroom chair: 'First Psalm' by Rachel Laurence

The kitchen

Fridge magnets on a baking tray: make your own prayer.

Above: The family tree. Write on a leaf the name of someone you know, and add it to the tree. Someone you find difficult to relate to; or who has helped you.

Left: The living room.

Central heating

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