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Sanctus 1 | The late late breakfast | Greenbelt 2004

At one end of the room, four 'traffic lanes' are marked out on the floor and divided by hanging pictures. At the end of each lane is a table with a different breakfast meditation.

The four breakfasts: a bowl of cereal, fast food, coffee and muffin, a bottle of water.

Each meditation was on a postcard to take away. This is 'fast food', image side.

Fast food, text side.

Cereal, image side.

Cereal, text side.

Coffee, image side.

Coffee, text side.

Water, image side.

Water, text side.

How would you feel if Jesus made you breakfast in bed? Would you feel unworthy to have him serve you? Write your response on a piece of cloth and stick it to the bedsheet, which will later be draped over the altar for the final prayers.

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