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Sanctus 1 | Sanctus2nds | Greenbelt 2007

Different kinds of fairly traded chocolate.

Glimpses of glory: Transforming waste into something beautiful. Decorate a CD and add to the hanging strings.


Postcards from God: Some people talk about God as if we are somehow God's bearers taking God into the dark places of the world. That God's presence somehow relies on us. But... God's creation is full of God... if only we would take notice!!! Look at the postcards laid out. Reflect on where God might be in these images. Pray that you may notice God's presence all around you. God in the ordinary. God in the fun. God in the challenges and pain. Commit yourself to pointing out this presence to others.

Angels. [Sorry about the blur]



Rose tinted glasses: Often we view the world around us through our own filters. We choose to see according to our own values and expectations. It took two friends a whole day of walking and eating to recognise their once lost divine companion on the road to Emmaus. Choose a pair of glasses and while wearing them consider what or who you might be missing. Pray for a better understanding of the world as God sees it.

Find a newspaper clipping with some good news, and tell someone about it. Cut it out and stick it on the collage.

Glimpses of glory: Taking a part of the whole block of clay, make a sculpture of a place or an activity that makes you think of God.


Decorating bottles.



The service ended with a eucharist.

Bread, wine and candles given out for groups.

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