Special events | 'Epicenter', Austin First Baptist Church, Austin Texas | March 2001

A eucharist installation of trash and earth which brought the grime of the city into the sanctuary. The bread was wrapped in a cloth in the earth; the wine bottle was passed round in a paper bag such as street people use. The ambient soundtrack was by Tim 'Cloudburst' Westcott.

Playspace in the atrium.
A chance to pop bubblewrap with bare feet and write poetry.

Looking down on Playspace from level 4.

The Labyrinth.
Many people have white robes and bare feet from the entry ritual to the entire event.

Above: Jimini video display from the chill-out lounge.

Left: The dance room.

Right: Senses Lab - the wind machines.

Stubbs BBQ. We seemed to eat there a lot. Good steak.

Derek the prophet on Drew Rice's front porch.

Above: John Stark, Steve Collins and Andrew Jones outside the Church Planting Conference in Waco.

Left: Tawd Bell and Amy McDonald.

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