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Special events | Breathe | Greenbelt 2006

An interactive installation for young people.

General view. Each coloured segment contains one station. Each station has a track of words and music which is listened to on an iPod Shuffle.


The centre of the installation showing the names of the stations.

Station 1 'Known': Who we are to the world around us.

Station 1 'Known': The Russian dolls represent the layers of our identities as revealed to different groups of people and to God.

Station 2 'Unique': Choose six adjectives from the pile that you think describe you best. put them on the board in a circle. Then think up another word that describes you and write it in the centre.

Station 2 'Unique': There are more than 427 million ways to choose the adjectives that make up your circle. Add in your own word and there are more ways to complete the circle than there are teenagers in the world. Which shows how unique you are.

Station 3 'Forgiven': How have people hurt you? How have you hurt other people? Write or draw on the paper, then shred it as an act of letting go, of forgiveness.

Station 4 'Acceptance': Make Mr. Potato Head and see the message under the UV light.

Station 5 'Interdependence': Write on the leaves people who have influenced and inspired you.

Station 6 'Globalisation': Read the stories of the people who produced the items.

Station 6 'Globalisation': Type your response.

Station 6 'Globalisation': Read the stories of the people who produced the items.

Station 7 'Designed': Making creatures from playdough.

Station 8 'Future': Lay down and dream of the future.

Station 9 'Footprint': How much of the world's resources do you use? Answer the questions and add the given number of blocks to the silver pan on the scales.

Station 9 'Footprint': Approximtely how many hours do you spend flying each year?

Station 9 'Footprint': 'Now put one of the striped blocks on the other side of the scales. This represents one person's fair share of the world's resources. You could add more striped blocks to see how many times your fair share you use.' This is with flying. At the time I was flying a lot on business!

Station 9 'Footprint': This is without flying.

Station 10 'God': Where is God? Write your thoughts on a note and stick it up.

Station 10 'God': The computer shows meditations on God.

Station 11 'Jesus': The different buildings have reasons why Jesus might be in them.

Station 11 'Jesus': Put the buildings onto the town map. Place the figure of Jesus in the place you think he'd be.

Station 12 'Spirit'.

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