Special events | Cyberfeminist Eucharist | Greenbelt 2000

This cyberfeminist liturgy retold the story of Jesus as a female cyborg in a future dystopia. The 'bread' of Jesus' body was computer circuit boards. The 'wine' was Red Bull in cans, because this rite originated among lay people who felt unable to use consecrated wine. The video imagery featured scenes from the film 'Metropolis' of a female android coming to life.

After the service the priest and worship team facilitated an open discussion session with the congregation about what they had just experienced. The reactions were generally very positive - in fact the chief criticism was that the feminist aspects had not been taken far enough.

The cyberfeminists referred to are an internet-based community, many of whom are disabled women who have been empowered by technology. At the same time many feel disempowered by the structures of conventional church - hence their reimagining of Jesus as a liberating figure in their own image.

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