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Vaux | Looking God in the eye | 05-2001

Pentecost is a festival of both thanksgiving for the Spirit, and yearning for full presence. At Pentecost, people were empowered to 'speak about God in a language they understood' - which summed up our desire to make worship that used the language and modes of the culture we exist in.

Sparklers to end the service!

'Tongues of Fire'

Fifty days after Easter, having shared a meal, they were all together in one place. Suddenly, a sound like a violent storm came from heaven, and tongues of fire rested on each one there. But the disciples did not stay in the house and navel-gaze, they went out and began to speak to people. And the people were amazed, because they spoke about God in a language that they could understand. But others thought they were drunk.

Don't stay here. Go, and continue in God's presence. Within God, live and move and have your being. The kingdom is within you. Go with tongues of fire. They will trivialise you, they will accuse you of back-sliding, and some may call you drunkards, but go with God's blessing and speak about God in a language they understand.

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