Vaux | Life Divided to Life United | May 2002

Left: 2000 tealight candles separated to make opposing pairs of words, using the wax blocks on the left and the tin holders on the right.
Above & right: gathering pieces of candle from the words to make circles.

Above: making individual circles, praying about internal divisions in ourselves.

Above: making group circles, praying about divisions between friends, family, coworkers.

Left, above, right: Assembling the candles and making a ring around the whole congregation, turning out the lights and lighting the candles from the Communion candle.

Above: the congregation join hands inside the ring of candles, facing outwards, and pray for all humanity and the planet.

Above: going up four at a time to take Communion from the table.
Right: the table is motor-driven to revolve slowly. In the background are video loops of bread and wine being made.

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