Vaux | end-1 | June 2005

The final Vaux service began in daylight. The congregation remained outside the screens until they had asked and received permission from one another to enter the space of risk, in the name of the God of risk.

The second section was titled 'Mistakes we knew we were making'. The congregation watch video presentations revisiting major Vaux themes of the past: 'beautiful imperfection', 'an ache for justice', 'dirt', and 'the urban as spiritual space'. These were described as 'maps' by which Vaux explored the territory of urban Christianity.

Final frame from 'an ache for justice'.

Some words from 'dirt'.

'Dirt': 'Piss Christ' makes a reappearance from 'A Season of Dirt' [January 2002].

From 'dirt'.

From 'the urban as spiritual space'. After this, a section called 'Waiting', where we watched a video of a railway station platform and waited with the commuters for a train to arrive, ten minutes in silence. The click of a camera would have broken the tension.

Moving towards communion with liturgy from the Urban Mass.

A person stands at each corner of the altar with bread and wine. Each person that receives takes the place of the person who gave, and gives in turn to the next person to approach.

From 'Eleanor Rigby' by Douglas Coupland. The final section of the service, called 'We loved to turn you on', cut a rapid series of images [many from this website] over the Beatles' 'A Day In The Life'. After the final crescendo and fade, a silent 'manumission': photographs of the streets outside call us into the world.

The final image.

The altar has a map of central London on Perspex. Vaux's church building is the central point.

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