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Vaux | VX1.0 website | 01.2000

The first Vaux website by Nic Hughes. Stunning for its time but too hard to update and soon replaced by a conventional site.

VX1.0 Flash website from steve collins on Vimeo.

A screenshot movie from an old machine is the only way to experience a Flash website now! Go fullscreen for original effect.









The dot-matrix address scrolled across the screen while you pressed the little cube.



The archive shows the 1998-99 services. The small image top right is the print flyer - see the end of this web page.




The first one I went to. The description does not say how dark and shocking it was - blood rolling down screens, film of execution in a US jail - people cried in corners afterwards! But it was very good, because it told the truth of Christ's execution in contemporary terms without the sanitising veil of traditional iconography. People had made their own sections independently, so the hard-hitting 'darkness' was an emergent characteristic of this particular community, which would continue.



See here for more about the Grace ice sculpture. We forgot to take any photos so we had to do it again...

Photos here


Photos here

Photos here


Dates appear by hovering over segments of the circle.






1999 Vaux flyer - the small image on the archive pages.

1999 Vaux flyer - reverse. The dates of the services in the archive section of the website.

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