St. Peter's Church, Kennington Lane, London, England 1998-2005

Vaux was originally created by core members of nightclub organisation Abundant. Vaux services were notable for their high artistic and aesthetic standards, and for theological and liturgical daring that could sometimes shock or cause controversy. For liturgical archives and resources see the continuing Vaux website below.

Vaux website

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Dance sequence July 1999October 1999Home June 2000Vaux VX1.0 websitePast Present & Future October 2000Second Birthday November 2000Concrete Liturgy February 2001Concrete Liturgy May 2001Presence Greenbelt 2001Urban Mass Greenbelt 2001The Great Return September 2001Gifted - An Urban Harvest October 2001Third Birthday November 2001Journeys \& Gifts December 2001A Season of Dirt January 2002Life Divided to Life United May 2002Writing in the Dust September 2002Embracing Our Finitude December 2003Being and Becoming April 2004Urban Mass November 2004Urban Mass February 2005Turbulence at the Boundary March 2005end-1 June 2005end-2 June 2005