Beyond | Ice Age Contemplation | Greenbelt 2009

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Full story on Beyond blog. 'The idea for this came some time ago when considering this year's theme which was 'Standing in the Long Now'. This is all about taking time, letting things happen, experiencing the moment, being patient. From this the idea came for a huge block of ice with things embedded in it which would slowly become free as the ice melted over the weekend.' Above, the ice block at the start of the festival.

'Embedded in the ice were a number of little perspex crosses, some rosaries, sunflowers and in the spire a statuette of Jesus. The tonne and a half sculpture was delivered Friday midday and looked fab because the ice was so clear and the objects were visible floating in mid-block. It immediately began to melt and for the first day or so was covered in a living stream of water which not only looked beautiful but also began to change the shape, especially where the spire sat on the block.'

As the ice melted, children started to chip away at the ice to try and get at the things within and this gradually escalated. Before long they were using hammers, stones and concrete blocks to hack at the ice. Various people tried to stop this vandalism but it always started up again and by late Saturday afternoon all that was left was a large, ugly, grey lump which had been pushed off its plinth onto the grass.

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