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Dream | A Life More Ordinary | Greenbelt 2007

This looks good, but I've lost some of the explanations.


Heavenopoly. In the spiritual game of life, where are you?



Ordinary objects. God is present in our every interaction with each other. His potential for love to be made visible is here, present in the space between us.

Hold an ordinary object. Let it remind you of a conversation, or a contact with another person... Let the memory speak to you of the potential for God's love to be visible in that moment, in that relationship.


God is here... Take a pen and add to the wall words or pictures depicting a place or situation where you've been aware of God's presence over the last week.

This is graffiti Dream-style so feel free to be as expressive as you like!


Pick either a map or a target. Think about how this may relate to where you are now on your spiritual journey. Find the place on the map or the target that most reflects how you feel at the moment. Mark this place with a cocktail stick. Make a hole right through the paper. Once you have done this, turn your paper over. You will see a hole marking where God wants to meet with you right now...

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