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Host [Bradford] | Urban Harvest | September 2002

Photographs © Adrian Riley

The congregation were invited to bring 'stuff' from their work - examples of the work they do, the rubbish they create, photocopied job descriptions. This was all piled in front of the altar at the start of the worship. During the worship shredded paper strips were pulled out of the pile and woven to form individual St. Bridget's crosses (traditionally made from wheat). The job descriptions were cut up into individual words and reassembled into psalms.

The altar was constructed from three TVs looping an image of a nondescript machine chugging away. Projected images also reflected the monotony of many peoples working lives.

Towards the close of the worship the work stuff was formed into a cross, and wine and bread were retrieved from it to celebrate the eucharist. Everyone left the worship with a pay packet envelope containing wages, a 'please pray for' card containing the name and occupation of someone else who had been in the worship, a polaroid of someone at work with a prayer of thanks written on it, and some shredded rubbish.

A 'harvest window' display. Alongside more traditional harvest window displays, HOST's contributiong was an off-the-shelf bottle of the water of life against a backdrop of advertising.

Full liturgy from this service available at

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