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Special events | Rooted | 03-2015

The final night 28th March 2015 of a whole-week event in St. Andrew's Church, Earlsfield, London, by the Earlsfield Collective. All the stations have to do with soil, trees and plants.


The cafe used old non-matched china from thrift shops.



'The thoughtful stumps'

'The thoughtful stumps'. 'Pick a tree stump and have a look at its rings.'



Choose a handful of leaves. Have a look at the words that are written on each leaf. Imagine that you are at the centre of the tree stump. Place the leaves on the stump.

Place the things closest to you that are the things of greatest value to you, or key things you find your life orbits around. Look at what leaves have fallen where. What does it reveal to you?

Logs suspended above the station.















St. Andrew's is a typical late 19th century brick box from the days when everyone was expected to go to church, and church-building was a matter of civic pride. The legacy is that there are far too many of them and they are much too large. They need to be used imaginatively.

Jonny Sertin addresses the congregation.

Planting seeds in pots to take home.







A young couple were walking round with what appeared to be a new-born baby in a sling. It turned out to be this rabbit. At the end they put it on the window cill in the cafe where it sat placidly.

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